Sunday, 27 April 2014

1 # Lets Write a Story

1 # Lets Write a Story

In this series of blogposts, I will post a small excerpt from some story. I will not tell you from where it came…which book, which author…nothing. And then lets all gather up and add our own bits and pieces to complete it. 

So this is going to be the starting of first story and hence I have numbered this post as 1. So, all you got to do is, mail me the continuation at

I will select one continuation from all the mails I will receive. This continuation can be anything…need not to be the end of the story……it can be another paragraph. So, don't worry what you write. 

Lets all have fun this way and see where it leads to….

The ringing phone filled her with dread, as beads of sweat started trickling slowly from her temples. With shaking hands she picked up the phone and said, ‘Hello! Who is it?’. Silence. No reply. Every passing second was a torment to her and when she could not hold it any longer she shouted, ‘Why don’t you speak up? Who is it?’ Still no reply and the silence had never been so deafening. Unable to suffer any more, she slammed the receiver and slumped on the nearby chair. She didn’t knew whether she felt relieved that it was mere a blank call or it was that deep hidden fear that she is not alone. Not alone? Yes seemingly alone but not so. As her mind raced, various thoughts started coming up. She was lost in some long forgotten past and then she saw it. From the corner of her eyes for a fleeting moment she saw a shadow. A shadow floating upon wall near ceiling. She completely froze with terror and somehow mustered courage to look up and saw nothing. She scanned the whole room and saw nothing. And then she felt relieved again and said to herself, ‘I must be really tired and sleepy to imagine such things. I need some good rest.’

To lighten the mood, she switched on the tv and started flicking through the channels. She just wanted some programme that could fill the silence around her and make much noise so as to pull her out of those thoughts. Those clouding thoughts that had no meaning or identity any more. She randomly decided to let play one for some time. Suddenly, she felt so tired to think or do anything.

So, that's it. I will post the best continuation to this story newt week. Till then happy reading and happy writing.

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