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Fastenings -- Jewelry Making Basics # 4

Fastenings -- Jewelry Making Basics # 4

Fastenings though little visible in your jewelry, but are a very important piece. Without these your jewelry will be incomplete. There is an endless variety of fastenings that you can pick from. The above picture also shows the different types of fastenings available, though not limited to only these. Here, in this post we will discuss the most commonly used ones. So lets start with..

Magnetic Clasps

Below picture shows you some of the commonly used magnetic clasps.

To see more of such fasteners, please visit the link below:

Magnetic clasps now come in various shapes, sizes and designs. Even materials (apart from the magnetic feature) varies. You can buy these in sterling silver, gold or commonly used materials like brass, nickel, etc. 

These clasps work well with fiber and are easy to use. Avoid using these for heavier necklaces. 


To see more of such fasteners, please visit the link below:

These too come in complimentary pairs like most of the other fastenings. One side is the ring and other side is the bar to push through it. Readily available in several metals, finishes and sizes, toggles can be old or new, of various materials, and can match the color of your fiber. They can also make a statement carrying the theme of your necklace.

In place of the standard toggle, you can use a flat button or disc bead on one side and a loop of knotted fiber on the other to catch the bead like a buttonhole. You can also use buttons with shanks. Buttons come in a variety of colors, as well as silver, gold, and pewter. 

Polymer Clay

Not only beads, but you can use polymer clay to make toggle clasps too. Its easy to use polymer clay to make a matching button, bead or even a fetish. There are various ways in which you can use polymer clay for instance you can even make a tag with your name on it. The other advantage is if you don't have the matching color, then you can paint the polymer clay fastenings.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Ajwain / Carom -- Indian Spices # 1

Nutrition Facts of Ajwain / Carom Seeds

Owing to the strongly pungent and aromatic nature Ajwain Seeds are one of the most popular spices in Indian and Middle Eastern Cuisines. 

Health Benefits

  • Beat Indigestion and Flatulence: It helps increase the digestive function of the intestinal tract by increasing gut juices.
Tip: Boil a teaspoon of seeds in a cup of water till it is reduced to half. Strain it and drink the water for instant relief.

  • Improves Digestion: It helps to improve digestion by warding off the constipation. Also, it strengthens the muscles that make up the floor of the uterus and therefore it is of great help to heal the woman's body internally. 
  • Relieves Cough and Asthma: The Thymol, present in Ajwain makes it a great local anesthetic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It is also know to relieve the congestion dueto formation of Phlegm.
Tip: Crush a few seeds and mix it with Jaggery. Eat this mixture for cough relief. For Congestion relief, take some seeds in a cloth bundle and warm it, then place it over chest. 

  • Helps ease Rheumatic and Arthritic Pain: Owing to anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties of these seeds.  

Tip: Take a basin of warm water and place few seeds in it. After 1-2 minutes, place your aching joints in this water. Anotehr method is to crush these seeds and prepare a paste. Apply this paste on the affected area for instant relief.

  • Instant Relief from Earache. Owing to its Antiseptic properties.

Tip: Mix these seeds with garlic and sesame oil. Apply this mixture to earlobes for instant relief from earache dueto boils. To get rid of earache dueto congestion, heat the seeds in milk and then put few drops of this mixture in ear.

  • Helps Improve the Sex Life: These seeds are a great aphrodisiac.

Tip: Mix these seeds with seeds of tamarind, honey, ghee and milk to increase vitality.

  • Keeps the Heart Healthy: Since it has Niacin, Thymol and various vitamins; these seeds are very good in maintaing a healthy heart.

Tip: Boil some seeds in water and drink this water on empty stomach regularly.

  • Cures Hiccups Instantly: Since these seeds are anti-inflammatory and soothes irritated nerves. 

Tip: Take few seeds with few sips of water.

  • Remedy for Acidity: Since it helps in digestion, hence its a great remedy for acidity.

Tip: Mix one teaspoon of seeds with one teaspoon of Jeera (Cumin) Seeds and boil them in a glass of water. Boil till you get a golden color solution. Drink this for instant relief.

  • Relieves Pain dueto Migraines: Thymol present in these seeds help in relief from pain.
Tip: Sniff the fumes of these seeds or apply its paste for pain relief.

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Matching Beads and Fibers -- Jewelry Making Basics # 3

Matching Beads and Fibers

Jewelry Making Basics # 3 

When you are working with beads and fibers, remember that one or the other must be dominant. If you have one focal beads then design your jewelry around it with thread/cord/fiber in the background. Don't use the brightly colored or such threads that will shift the focus from the main bead. Pick threads that will echo the colors, dimension and the texture of beads but are slightly less intense.


To see more of such necklaces, please visit the link below:


If the fibers are dominant, use the knots to enhance the design and texture of the piece. Use the bead to augment and harmonize the colors. You don't need to many colors. A color wheel can help you work with colors. I have posted a color wheel picture in this post for your help and reference purpose. 

Whatever color you use, be sure to take advantage of the many possibilities available and create a combination that works for you. For example, if you have chosen a main bead or pendant of solid purple, use an analogous color scheme on either side of it. You can start with the primary colors project which uses colors equidistant on the color wheel from the focal color.

To see more of such necklaces, please visit the link below:


Sunday, 18 May 2014

Beads Basics -- Jewelry Making Basics # 2

Beads Basics -- Jewelry Making Basics # 2

For me beads are miniature treasures! Specially when, there is an endless variety of bead material available today, for instance, glass, gemstones, shells, acrylic, polymer clay, plastic, etc. This list is endless. These come in different types of materials ranging from precious metals, organic stuff, synthetically (laboratory) produced materials to naturally occurring substances and rocks. My personal favorites are gemstones and shells. May be because they are natural, the various textures and hues found in them are unique (to some extent) and one of a kind. Organic materials used for making beads range from shells, bones, horn, amber, seeds, nuts, coral, pearls and lot more.


To see more of such beads and fibers, please visit the link below:

Some people like to use beads as such they are, while some will enhance these further by painting them  or texturing them. One other cool way to design unique jewelry is by mixing beads with fibers and different cords. Some people even use buttons with them and create some really unique stuff. One thing to always remember is that keep plenty of beads while working, so that you don't have to stop in midway just because you ran out of beads. So, its no harm if you end up buying a little bit extra. There will always be places where you will be able to use up the remaining or leftover beads. What I usually do is put my little leftovers in a separate box and once it is full, then I design and create something with these mixed beads. The results are not only unique but stunning too.


To see more of such beads and fibers, please visit the link below:

In most of the conventional jewelry, a bead is a focal point of a jewelry piece, while the fibers/cords add a texture or contrast. The fiber can emphasize a specific color among the many in the bead, hence the selection is very important. You can use smaller beads within the knots, just for enhancing it a little bit more. It entirely depends on the texture, type and color of fiber chosen and then this fiber will either enhance/contrast the beads in various ways. Its all about experimenting with different types of beads with different fibers. In my next post, I will discuss the same in more detail, on how to match beads with fibers.


To see more of such beads and fibers, please visit the link below:

One important thing to match is the strength of fiber. Only good quality of fiber will not help, it should be strong enough to hold the weight of beads. Stringing your beads on the fiber helps to preserve and protect them from damage and breakage. They don't have to hit against each other or be cut by wires. When storing your beads, keep your focal beads on a padded tray so you can see at a glance what you have available. It also prevents damage caused dueto running of beads. A good way is to keep several small boxes or trays and then sort out your beads in them depending on size and color. Once done, then you can start designing the jewelry, by first selecting the focal beads and then the remaining ones.


To see more of such beads and fibers, please visit the link below:

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1 # Lets Write a Story

1 # Lets Write a Story

In this series of blogposts, I will post a small excerpt from some story. I will not tell you from where it came…which book, which author…nothing. And then lets all gather up and add our own bits and pieces to complete it. 

So this is going to be the starting of first story and hence I have numbered this post as 1. So, all you got to do is, mail me the continuation at myglitteringworld@gmail.com

I will select one continuation from all the mails I will receive. This continuation can be anything…need not to be the end of the story……it can be another paragraph. So, don't worry what you write. 

Lets all have fun this way and see where it leads to….

The ringing phone filled her with dread, as beads of sweat started trickling slowly from her temples. With shaking hands she picked up the phone and said, ‘Hello! Who is it?’. Silence. No reply. Every passing second was a torment to her and when she could not hold it any longer she shouted, ‘Why don’t you speak up? Who is it?’ Still no reply and the silence had never been so deafening. Unable to suffer any more, she slammed the receiver and slumped on the nearby chair. She didn’t knew whether she felt relieved that it was mere a blank call or it was that deep hidden fear that she is not alone. Not alone? Yes seemingly alone but not so. As her mind raced, various thoughts started coming up. She was lost in some long forgotten past and then she saw it. From the corner of her eyes for a fleeting moment she saw a shadow. A shadow floating upon wall near ceiling. She completely froze with terror and somehow mustered courage to look up and saw nothing. She scanned the whole room and saw nothing. And then she felt relieved again and said to herself, ‘I must be really tired and sleepy to imagine such things. I need some good rest.’

To lighten the mood, she switched on the tv and started flicking through the channels. She just wanted some programme that could fill the silence around her and make much noise so as to pull her out of those thoughts. Those clouding thoughts that had no meaning or identity any more. She randomly decided to let play one for some time. Suddenly, she felt so tired to think or do anything.

So, that's it. I will post the best continuation to this story newt week. Till then happy reading and happy writing.

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