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Ajwain / Carom -- Indian Spices # 1

Nutrition Facts of Ajwain / Carom Seeds

Owing to the strongly pungent and aromatic nature Ajwain Seeds are one of the most popular spices in Indian and Middle Eastern Cuisines. 

Health Benefits

  • Beat Indigestion and Flatulence: It helps increase the digestive function of the intestinal tract by increasing gut juices.
Tip: Boil a teaspoon of seeds in a cup of water till it is reduced to half. Strain it and drink the water for instant relief.

  • Improves Digestion: It helps to improve digestion by warding off the constipation. Also, it strengthens the muscles that make up the floor of the uterus and therefore it is of great help to heal the woman's body internally. 
  • Relieves Cough and Asthma: The Thymol, present in Ajwain makes it a great local anesthetic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It is also know to relieve the congestion dueto formation of Phlegm.
Tip: Crush a few seeds and mix it with Jaggery. Eat this mixture for cough relief. For Congestion relief, take some seeds in a cloth bundle and warm it, then place it over chest. 

  • Helps ease Rheumatic and Arthritic Pain: Owing to anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties of these seeds.  

Tip: Take a basin of warm water and place few seeds in it. After 1-2 minutes, place your aching joints in this water. Anotehr method is to crush these seeds and prepare a paste. Apply this paste on the affected area for instant relief.

  • Instant Relief from Earache. Owing to its Antiseptic properties.

Tip: Mix these seeds with garlic and sesame oil. Apply this mixture to earlobes for instant relief from earache dueto boils. To get rid of earache dueto congestion, heat the seeds in milk and then put few drops of this mixture in ear.

  • Helps Improve the Sex Life: These seeds are a great aphrodisiac.

Tip: Mix these seeds with seeds of tamarind, honey, ghee and milk to increase vitality.

  • Keeps the Heart Healthy: Since it has Niacin, Thymol and various vitamins; these seeds are very good in maintaing a healthy heart.

Tip: Boil some seeds in water and drink this water on empty stomach regularly.

  • Cures Hiccups Instantly: Since these seeds are anti-inflammatory and soothes irritated nerves. 

Tip: Take few seeds with few sips of water.

  • Remedy for Acidity: Since it helps in digestion, hence its a great remedy for acidity.

Tip: Mix one teaspoon of seeds with one teaspoon of Jeera (Cumin) Seeds and boil them in a glass of water. Boil till you get a golden color solution. Drink this for instant relief.

  • Relieves Pain dueto Migraines: Thymol present in these seeds help in relief from pain.
Tip: Sniff the fumes of these seeds or apply its paste for pain relief.

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